Cabling Harnesses (OPC) Pvt Ltd is in continuous efforts of enhancing it services for client focused approach and cater to wire harnessing and technology services. Our engineers, consultants and representatives leverage out the knowledge of manufacturing wiring harnesses and product designs to deliver the best to you.

Design Services

Cabling Harnesses (OPC) Pvt Ltd help you in designing, engineering and validating the equipment of the future. Our services provide the clients with the capacity to innovate and create new products from a minute component to the complete system. Our team comprises of skilled engineers and designers who deliver best to you.  We provide a comprehensive range of design services following all the industry norms at competitive prices.

  1. Designing: Receiver Tanks, condensers, plough shear mixers, pressure vessels, vibro-sifter, fluidized bed dryer, reactors, rotary vacuum paddle dryers, pharmaceutical equipment
  2. Drafting services: Converting 2D drawings to 3D and AutoCAD drawing to 3D
  • Solid Edge: Modeling and drafting in solid edge
  1. Pressure calculation in PV elite, providing complete solutions for vessel and heat exchanger designs, analysis and evaluation for extreme uses by delivering timely and accurately.

Also, we provide hands-on training on solid edge, design software used for the various applications in the industry which address all the aspects of the product. Our offered design services are hassle-free, perfectly executed and follow a client focused approach.


  • Excellently finished
  • Compact design
  • Executed by professionals
  • Timely executed
  • Perfect work
  • High flexibility
  • Prompt Service

On-Site & Offshore Services

Cabling Harnesses (OPC) Pvt Ltd  believes in rendering the right products to our clients but also believes in prompt after sales service. We provide Supervision and guidance to our customers on site as well as offshore. The extensive knowledge and decades of experience of our experts are accessed through the deliveries for the optimal execution of design and engineering programs to ensure proper installation and functioning.

Manufacturing & Prototype Support

Our skilled and experienced professionals will guide you in manufacturing and test the reliable prototype of your product.  The quality services offered are as per industry norms and regulations. We cognize the need of our clients and give our best to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Manufacturing and Prototyping is an integral part of a project and we will handle it for you.

Component Assembly & Trading

We offer services to companies in assemblies of a comprehensive range of electrical components. In addition to that, we carry out industry packaging services for trading using both manual labour and automation. Our company works with a quality system and believes in delivering excellent services to our clients.

Corporate Training Services

An array of in-house training and services are offered that support the individuals for the progress in various sectors by maintaining their focus and achieving the vision for the benefits of self and organization.

Find your solutions with us in training & development activities

Job Interviews and Analysis

A job interview is the best method to analyze the skills required for the job, for any organization. Interviewing and presenting yourself is a skill. There are no second chances to make an excellent impression. Our training courses will help you in sharpening your interviewing skills in a right manner, so you get the job you dream of. Let it be a fresher or an experienced person, everyone requires those minute details to make an outstanding interview.

Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix defines the proficiency of the employees, is one of the basic needs in the human resource management. The companies are trying to include skill matrix for the certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 and much more to fulfil customer requirements which is a critical task.

We make it easier for you for formulating the usage of skill matrix for visualizing your team and maximizing the potential talent. In one view, Skill Matrix provides you with the overviews of high potentials your team are having and the health and performance of the organization.

Skill identification

Every person has some skills; one should know the required skills for the desired positions. Identifying the skill can lead to an impactful approach towards your career. We help you in identifying, listing and communicating the skills required and guide you in the direction of your career. All the abilities that you have acquired till today are recognized and considered and polished for further job positions giving you measurable results.

Behavior and job analysis

Our team consists of members, who are certified for International certification on PPA and HJA practices. We have the abilities to find out the gaps in between job requirements and behaviour attributes of the applicants and the employees.

Training on

We conduct various training modules based on your requirements in various areas listed below-

Technical Training

5S, Kaizen, Product training, Process Training, Sales

Training for colleges

Campus to Corporate, Sustaining in Job, Basic of Production, Quality, Communication etc.

Soft skill Training

Team Building, Managing Performance, Supervisory Development, First-Time Managers, Team Management, Communication.

We provide training sessions on the listed modules

Services in

Training Content Development

We render in the content development. We develop the content according to your needs for the training modules in your organization. We cater in technical, soft skill and generic content development. Our capabilities and core strengths fulfil the need of training content development in following industries

  1. Manufacturing Industries
  2. Forging
  3. Casting
  4. Machining
  5. Fabrication, etc

ISO Activities and Certifications

We have a team which consists of the members, certified for internal audits for ISO 9001:2015, ISO/TS16949 and ISO 14001, and have the capability to help you in certification process in enlisted ways-

  1. IN Manual preparations
  2. Internal audits
  3. Carrying out entire project
  4. Preparation of your documentation

People assessment

We have experts in our team who can do an individual assessment of your employees and prepare the roadmap for their development. This can help the person to use ones abilities to the maximum potential in the projects assigned to them, which in turn, plays a crucial role in organizational development.